The Naracoorte Seeds Wintermix was developed with an emphasis on reliable hay or silage production and regrowth afterwards for grazing. Over the last decade spring rainfall has become unreliable, so mixing different ryegrass varieties ensures maximum production in the variable seasons.

We have added persian and balansa clovers to increase protein levels in the preserved fodder. For increased hay or silage quality we recommend lightly grazing in late winter to ensure that the ryegrass doesn’t become too dominant.

Persian clover is an excellent winter & spring performer with an erect growth habit and hollow stems. It will regrow after taking hay or silage where moisture permits.

Balansa clover has a vigorous spring flush that will add quality and bulk to the mix.

This blend can also be used as an annual grazing mix, is broadly adapted to many areas and will not disappoint.

Annual ryegrass70%
Persian clover20%
Balansa clover10%
Sow @ 20 - 30kg/ha

Every season we donate $5 for every 25kg bag of Wintermix sold with the money raised going towards a charity or cause close to the hearts to us, our clients and our region. This season we are supporting 'Are You Bogged Mate?'. Are you bogged mate? is an organisation all about helping country blokes talk about mental health and suicide while spreading awareness about depression in the bush. Read more.