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One of our biggest strengths at Naracoorte Seeds is our ability to blend all types of seed together to make a custom mix to suit each paddock because we know how variable soil types are in our region.


Naracoorte Seeds is situated in the heartland of the South Australian small seed production area and has been involved in small seed production with public & proprietary varieties for over 20 years.


Being a family owned independent business, Naracoorte Seeds has access to seed from all the major seed companies. We test new varieties to see if they can perform in the very diverse regions of the South East. Only when we are convinced the variety has the ability to perform, do we get behind it. We take the guesswork out of pasture seed selection..


Forage cereals are a very reliable option for prolific winter/spring forage. Most forage cereals will prefer soils of a well drained nature, but there are varieties that handle periodical waterlogging better than others.


South Australia Seed Marketers is the export arm of Naracoorte Seeds. It was established in 1988 to operate as the pasture seed trading and export arm of the company.

Naracoorte Seeds Specialty Mixes

One of our biggest strengths at Naracoorte Seeds is our ability to blend all types of seed together to make a custom mix to suit each paddock because we know how variable soil types are in our region. So whether it be 5ha or 500ha we have the ability to create a custom blend that will deliver the result you need. Regular soil testing is recommended to help get the most out of your new pasture or hay crop and ensure that you are making every seed count. Ask us to take a soil test for you in the summer prior to sowing

  • Wintermix

    The Naracoorte Seeds Wintermix was developed with an emphasis on reliable hay or silage production and regrowth afterwards for grazing. Over the last decade spring rainfall has become unreliable, so mixing different ryegrass varieties ensures maximum production in the variable seasons. We have added persian and balansa clovers to increase protein levels in the preserved fodder. For increased hay or Continue Reading

  • Sandy Soils Persistence Blend

    Sandy Soils are generally acid by nature with limited moisture and fertility. Lucerne based pasture will give this soil some serious production potential. Clay spreading has made a huge difference to these soil types by giving them the ability to retain moisture. Lower crowned lucerne varieties will enable the lucerne to persist over a long period of time. The grasses, Continue Reading

  • Dryland / Irrigation

    Dryland / Irrigation Fast Summer Forage BlendThis mix was always a mix of hybrid forage brassica and millet only, but over the past few years we have added chicory to the mix with great success. The brassica and millet get away for early feed while the chicory really comes into its own from the 2nd grazing. We have found that Continue Reading

  • Irrigated Finishing Blend

    Irrigated Finishing Blend Sheep/Beef/DairyThis mix is for sheep/beef and dairy producers. The ryegrass varieties selected will thrive in all seasons producing dense, palatable and persistent forage. We select ryegrass cultivars that can be grazed safely without the fear of ryegrass staggers. The white clovers, once established, will give winter feed and thrive under summer irrigated conditions. The red clover may Continue Reading

  • Redgum/Sandy Loam

    Redgum/Sandy Loam Perennial Persistence Blend A good indication this mix will persist is in areas where Redgum trees are in abundance. This mix should provide strong growth in a dryland environment over a long period of time. The grasses will become the backbone of your pasture while the sub clover will help finish your stock. Perennial ryegrasses in our district Continue Reading

  • Alkaline Flats Blend

    Alkaline flats vary in pH from 7 – 9. These areas tend to get heavy and waterlogged during the winter months. Soils range in colour from black to dark grey loams. Once established, phalaris and fescue can tolerate long periods of inundation and this makes them the ideal choice for soils of this type. If a soil test of a Continue Reading

Naracoorte Seeds News

  • Naracoorte Seeds Research Farm Field Day

    Naracoorte Seeds held their Field Day on Thursday the 28th of October 2021. Up to 100 farmers and agriculture industry representatives listened to trial results, guest speakers, and discussed their experiences whilst watching the rain come down outside the tent. The weather kindly let a gap in the rain for everyone to get out and have a look through all Continue Reading

  • Clinton Gibbs – 25 Years of Service

    Naracoorte Seeds would like to congratulate one of their hardest working employees, Clinton Gibbs, for reaching 25 years of service! Clint commenced employment with Naracoorte Seeds on July 1st 1996 under the helm of Bob Tidy. Over this time Clint has seen many changes including the batten handed from Bob to his son Jamie and full time employees increase from Continue Reading

  • Robotics Plant

    Josh Rasheed is proud to present a small part of the Naracoorte Seeds operation. The robotics plant increases efficiencies within the facility, allowing us to better serve our customers.

  • WinterMix 2020 | Bricey

    Naracoorte Seeds has made an incredibly generous donation to support former Naracoorte local Charles Brice.The Naracoorte business presented a $12,000 to Leon Brice, on behalf of the Charles Brice Trust Fund, at their Season Launch on Friday. Charles Brice grew up in Naracoorte but ten years ago had a terrible motorbike accident which left him paralysed, with only limited movement Continue Reading

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