Naracoorte Seeds Research Farm

The Naracoorte Seeds Research Farm sits on the Riddoch Highway just 5kms from Naracoorte’s town centre. The farm represents transparency as all of our success and failures are there to be seen. We regularly test new varieties to confirm or deny they will be fit for our region and are able to be grazed by both sheep and cattle to ensure palatability and recovery from grazing can be verified. Our field days are always very well supported with close to 100 clients making the journey in the first week of November biannually to see what we have been up to. We are always willing to take ideas for trials so please contact us if you have something that you believe may spark the interest of the local pasture community.

Facility Upgrades

Naracoorte Seeds have invested heavily in recent years to improve capacity to carry more stock, process it for mixing and dispatch it in an efficient manner. We understand that when the season break is upon us timeliness is of utmost importance. The continuous improvements to our facilities has enabled us to keep up with the increased demand of recent years without inflicting delays to our valued customers.

Robotics Plant

In 2020 Naracoorte Seeds had a specially designed robotic packaging plant fitted in the store. This has been the single biggest improvement to the mixing plant in the history of the business and has increased the processing capacity of our mixing team by 300-400%.
This machine is engineered specifically to stack bags of pasture seed onto pallets consistently in a way that is safe for transport.

Storage & Dispatch

The Naracoorte Seeds storage capacity has been drastically improved over the last few years and has been complimented by a larger dispatch shed recently. The open ended dispatch shed will significantly improve the collection process. Whether it be a truck load or a few bags, this area will now have a much improved system that will allow easy and safe access for vehicles to load up and be on your way!