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Perennial / Hybrid Ryegrass

Perennial ryegrass has been one of the main grass components in sheep/beef and dairy systems throughout the southern agricultural region. Due to the fact the vast majority of perennial ryegrass germplasm comes from Europe and New Zealand we have struggled to get long term persistence from perennial ryegrass in our climate, unless irrigation is available.…
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Italian Ryegrass

These short lived varieties generally last from 2-3 years under irrigated conditions. In our harsh dryland summer situation, rarely do we see these varieties persist beyond the first year. Some growers have used these varieties as a long season annual to guarantee some later season production if spring rains are plentiful. Naracoorte Seeds Pasture Guide…
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Annual Ryegrass

Annual Ryegrass is the backbone of many hay/silage and grazing mixes across the South East and Western Victoria. Annual ryegrass offers fast and affordable forage with varieties ranging from early to very late, so there is definitely a variety available to suit your needs. Which to Sow - Tetraploid or Diploid? By the natural order…
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