WinterMix 2020 | Bricey

Naracoorte Seeds has made an incredibly generous donation to support former Naracoorte local Charles Brice.The Naracoorte business presented a $12,000 to Leon Brice, on behalf of the Charles Brice Trust Fund, at their Season Launch on Friday. Charles Brice grew up in Naracoorte but ten years ago had a terrible motorbike accident which left him paralysed, with only limited movement in his arms and hands.

Managing director Jamie Tidy said the business donated $5 from every bag of winter mix sold last year. "I grew up across the road here, and two houses down was the Brice family, and I had a little XR80 motorbike that used to ride around like an idiot, and mum spent half the time trying to keep a beautiful garden and lawn which I destroyed, and I had a little Charlie Brice on his peewee 50 following me everywhere that I went," he said.

"We ended up raising $12,000, which we were very proud of, to go towards a trust because he is going to need support for the rest of his life. "The money will help go towards a car which has been ordered, so he'll be able to wheel the chair up, get in and drive around. That is going to open up a lot of doors for Charlie. "We are really proud to do that and make a difference fort Charlie, so we want to say thank you to our clients for supporting that."

He said they will be continuing the initiative this year, with proceeds going towards the Royal Flying Doctor Service. Charles' father, Leon Brice said it was an "outstanding gesture." "Charles has been given a fantastic springboard by the community, and that is why he is where he is today,' he said. "He is doing really well, he is gainfully employed full time, which has been in the making for a few years. "Rather than go out and get some meaningless job, he's forged a career and is shaping up quite well at the moment. "Thank you to all the people that supported this program, it is an outstanding gesture and it will make an incredible difference to his life."

He said a Volkswagen transporter has been purchased for $63,00 plus $124,000 worth of required modifications.