Legume Inoculation (FreshCoat©)

Naracoorte Seeds use a quality peat-based process to inoculate seed “on demand” and we recommend seed should be sown as soon as possible after treatment to ensure maximum rhizobia survival. Different legumes use different strains of rhizobia with these strains possessing different levels of shelf life. The take home message is that inoculating fresh and sowing as soon as possible from application will ensure better establishment, more plants per square metre and ultimately more nitrogen produced by the legumes in the pasture!

Naracoorte Seeds FreshCoat© process is batched daily and encompasses rhizobia, lime and seed conditioner, as well as a polymer compound to ensure the seed does not “bridge” while flowing through modern seeding machines. Our active rhizobia counts (CFU – Colony Formation Units) are known to be in the highest in the seed industry in Australia. FreshCoat© is delivered evenly on every seed through our process. Examination of the plant’s root system after six weeks will indicate the success of effective nodulation and long term nitrogen fixation.