Portfolio Category: Clovers


Medics, are self-regenerating annual clover varieties that grow in autumn, winter and spring. Medics will thrive in lower rainfall regions and are well adapted to coastal regions, high pH and slightly acid soils. Medics will regenerate readily if allowed to set seed and will provide large volumes of palatable forage which can be grazed or…
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Annual Clovers

Annual Clovers are almost always used as the legume component in hay/silage and grazing mixes. Annual clovers produce large volumes of feed through the winter/spring and early summer and are suited to many different soil types. Annual Clovers offer excellent value for money as they are sown at low rates and establish readily from seed,…
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Subterranean Clover

Subterranean Clover is an extremely valuable self-regenerating annual clover. Sub Clover offers excellent value for money due to the large volumes of dry matter (forage) that can be produced. If it is managed correctly and allowed to set seed periodically, it may only need to be sown once, due to its enormous ability to set…
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