Perennial / Hybrid Ryegrass

Perennial ryegrass has been one of the main grass components in sheep/beef and dairy systems throughout the southern agricultural region. Due to the fact the vast majority of perennial ryegrass germplasm comes from Europe and New Zealand we have struggled to get long term persistence from perennial ryegrass in our climate, unless irrigation is available. The major breakthroughs with perennial ryegrass have come with a commitment from proprietary companies sourcing germplasm from more arid regions, (ie North Africa, Spain, Morocco) which may have a better fit with our cold wet winters and long dry summers. The heat tolerance and persistence capabilities of these new varieties have made a ryegrass dryland pasture in the southern region a real and viable proposition. There are also a few Australian breeding houses who have continued to produce quality Australian ryegrass cultivars which handle our summer conditions.

VarietyEndophyteHeading DateAttributes
BarberiaNil-17Fast establishing, grows like an annual and persists like a perennial. Excellent heat tolerance, warm season germplasm.
KidmanAR1-14Strong autumn/winter and early spring production, very good plant pulling resistance.
VictorianStandard-9Proven performer, reliable production, value for money.
CamelNil-8Very tough variety, step up from Vic without the staggers issues.
AvalonAR1+3Strong winter production, persistent, dense growth habit.
HelixStandard+6New variety with improved persistence, strong winter/early spring growth, very good rust resistance.
HustleAR1+10One of the top performers in NVT trials in Australia. Cross between European and NZ genetics gives improved persistence in warmer climates as well as strong winter activity.
KaiNil+20Superior water use efficiency, very fast re-growth following autumn break, high year round forage yields.
DukeLow+21Very fine and densely tillered, reliable producer for this area, prefers irrigation.
MatrixStandard+23Bred from perennial ryegrass and meadow fescue. High leaf rust resistance, low aftermath heading. Superior late winter/early spring growth rates.
BealeyNEA2+25Lush, dark green colour, excellent all-round production, will respond to summer rain.
ShogunNEA+26Very strong establishment vigour, combines high winter growth and good summer production with quality.
DigbyLow+32NZ bred, very vigorous variety, suited to high rainfall areas or irrigation only.